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Salgo Winery

“There is more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in any book.” (Louis Pasteur)

Wine-making is such an old craft that not even the historians can place exactly its origins. It is said that, in our region, it was practiced by the Dacians and, later on, Romans brought new types of grapes and new wine-making methods. The Saxon colonists who arrived in the 12th century brought many different types of grapes and developed this craft.

At he the border of the counties of Sibiu, Alba and Mures, there lies one of the most important vineyards in Transylvania –  Sebeș-Apold. It lies in south-west Transylvania, covering an area of 900 ha, being part of the former Wine Road. 

Our Bed&Breakfast is located close to Orlat, Cristian, Săcel, Sălişte, towns built at the bottom of the hills, close to the  Sebeş-Apold vineyards. Viticulture was practiced here ever since the 16th century. During the 18th-19th centuries when in Orat there was a Hapsburg border regiment, wine-making became a famous tradition. Unfortunately, in 1930s-1940s, once the first groups of Saxons were deported, crops were abandoned. Later, at the end of WWII, the new Communist regime neglected all these vineyards and the area was partly industrialized.

The Equestrian Center and Bed&Breakfast Domeniul Salgo tries to bring back to life this old craft. Our vineyard, a rather family business, has about 2 ha and it is located on the top of a hill at about 610 m altitude. It has a very good position, enjoying the sun during the whole day.

The area is favorable to viticulture due to its brown forestry soil and temperate climate with rich rainfall.

Fall is a real blessing here – the temperatures are not very high and the foggy days alternate with the sunny ones allowing the fruit to gain the necessary flavor and sugar. We invite you to taste our three types of wine – red, white and rose – and learn more about this craft.

     Did you know…

  • According to a legend, at the wedding of the famous King Mathias Corvin, the guests were served wine from our region? ?
  • At the wedding of Vlad the Impeller the guests were served the famous wine from Medias, a town close to Sibiu?

Our types of wine

Feteasca Neagra/ Transylvanian Ruby

It is one of our oldest local wines. It is, in fact, one of the few types of wines preserved ever since the Roman times. And this is due to its ability to resist different extreme weather conditions but also due to the high quality of these red wines.

The Feteasca Neagra wine is dark-red with ruby tones and a special flavor that makes us think about blackberries or dried plum.The taste is balanced, consistent and vigorous with a specific acidity.

Feteasca Regala/ Transylvanian Flavor

This type was created in 1920s, in the Tarnave winery. Its name was given as a gratitude given to the Romanian Royal Family who encouraged local producers and wineries in south Transylvania.

This type of wine is usually dry and semi-dry. Our Feteasca is a mix of  Fetească Albă (White Feteasca), Muscat Ottonel and Furmint. It has a golden tone and a strong flavor, a bit sour reminding us the summer apples. Its name symbolizes delicacy, fineness and elegance.

Transylvanian Rosé

The rosé wine is softer, very flavored, sweet or semi-sweet, perfect on any occasion, a good alternative for the red wines.

The grapes’ peel gives the color and, in the case of the rose, the intensity of the color varies according to the level of exposure of the peel in the non-fermented wine.

The Rosé wine is elegant and savory; we invite you to taste it in winter, in front of the fireplace or in summer, on the terrace while admiring the wonderful view.