The Equestrian Center Domeniul Salgo is located at 12 km from Sibiu, between Orlat and Cristian, in the so-called area of Marginimea SibiuluiEuropean Destination of Excellence for Tourism and Gastronomy 2015. It is an area where, during the centuries, three main ethnic groups with their culture and civilization used to cohabit: Saxons, Landlers and, of course, Romanians.

This region was a sort of a border for these ethnic groups, sometimes marked by conflicts but, on a long term, it gave birth to multiculturalism reflected, today, in our traditions, patrimony, gastronomy and even vocabulary and music. Once you get to us, take your time to explore this amazing places!


Its attractions, its history, its stories and its patrimony are so fascinating that they will always take you by surprise, no matter how often you visit it. We suggest you a guided tour together our tour guides ( – it will be a great visit!

The visit includes the following sites: Cetăţii street (with its former towers, walls and bastions), The Schiller Square The Little Square (with its Council Tower, the famous Liars’ Bridge, the House of Arts, the Luxembourg House), The Huet Square (the Evangelical Church, the House of Journeymen), The Stairs Passage, the Altemberger House (The History Museum), the Orthodox Cathedral, the Mitropoliei Street, The Large Square (with its main objectives: the Brukenthal Museum, the Town Hall, the Romano-Catholic Church, the Haller House, the Blue House), the Astra Park.


Sibiel is famous due to its traditions, gastronomy but, more important, due to the famous Icon Glass Museum with its wonderful collection of paintings.

The museum is also hosting the Golden Apple Award, a sort of a Tourism Oscar, awarded by the International Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers to the area of Marginimea Sibiului. This is the ideal place to have a relaxing stroll and discover the local values.


This village was built eight centuries ago by the Saxon colonists who arrived in this area led by a famous count, Christian. They built a beautiful little church but, a couple of centuries later, they had to fortify it and add defensive towers. In the 18th century, another group of colonists came to Cristian – they were called landlers as they were coming from north Austria.

We suggest you a visit at the famous fortified church with its Bacon Tower. If you have some time we also suggest you to have a walk on the streets of Cristian and admire the Saxon architectural style of the houses. Don’t forget to bring your cameras and take pictures to the storks – in Cristian we have the biggest community of storks in Romania.


In Orlat we suggest you a visit on the hill nearby. It is a place full of stories… Many important events took place here during the centuries. Not far, up on a mountain, there is the former Salgo fortress, a strategic defensive citadel in the medieval times. In the 18th century, in Orlat there used to be a border regiment whose main role was to defend the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The little monument on the top of the hill and the former trenches remind us of the battles that took place here in September 2016 between the Romanian and the German troops. As you get here take enough time to enjoy the view around…It is really beautiful!

The area of Mărginimea Sibiului

Starting from our equestrian center you can visit the little town  Sălişte and then, other picturesque villages in the area  Tilişca, Rod, Poiana Sibiului and Jina…The road goes on, over the mountains, and it continues with the famous Transalpina, the highest road in Romania.

Also known as the King’s Road, Transalpina makes the connection between two geographical areas: Transylvania and Oltenia (former Wallachia). Located at more than 2000 m altitude, Transalpina is the highest road in Romania that can be crossed by car.

There are so many stories about this road: it is said that is was built by Romans and, later on, it was used by the Romanians in these areas taking their flocks of sheep South. The Germans cobbled it during WWI and, between the two world wars, it was rebuilt and inaugurated by King Carol II of Romania. The road starts in Jina, it climbs down for about 7 km till Sugag and then it continues till Ranca and Novaci.

In Marginimea Sibiului  there are so many great sites to visit: Răşinari, Sălişte, the ski resort Păltiniş, Gura Râului but also some former Saxon towns like Cisnădioara and Cisnădie.

Alba Iulia (Alba Carolina)

The area where our equestrian center is located used to be a strategic one connecting two important fortresses in Transylvania: Sibiu and Alba Iulia. For our equestrian center, in less than an hour by car, you can get to Alba Iulia, one of the most beautiful fortresses in Romania, built in Vauban style in the 18th century.

Alba Iulia is a nice place to have a pleasant walk and explore Romania’s great history… Every Saturday and Sunday at 12.00 pm you can watch a great parade, followed by the ceremonial of changing the guards.

On your way you can also visit Câlnic, a symbol of the Saxon community and a UNESCO heritage fortress.


Events in Sibiu

Events in Marginimea Sibiului

With more than 100 events spread over the whole year, Sibiu represents an ideal destination for your leisure offering a wide array of cultural and sports events, for all ages. Whenever you decide to visit Sibiu don’t forget to check its agenda…you might find an interesting event.

Christian or pagan, many of the traditions inherited from our ancestors are so well preserved even today.

Some of these traditions are connected to our winter holidays (Christmas, New Year Eve). Associated to these holidays, they announce that a new years starts and it will bring health and prosperity.

The International Theater Festival Sibiu

…is the third festival in Europe. It takes place in June and, for ten days,  the whole county of Sibiu becomes a huge stage for theater, dance, music, lights and fireworks performances. This is a great event you should not miss!

Christmas traditions (Gura Râului)

On the second day of Christmas, after the religious mess, teenagers (dressed in traditional costumes) come out in front of the church ans dance the traditional dance called “Căluţ”. Afterwards, they go caroling in the village, announcing the birth of Christ.

Riding Competition

…this is a special event dedicated to all horse lovers. It is an international contest and it is directly organized under the patronage of the Romanian Equestrian Federation.

The Traditional Costumes Parade (Sălişte, December 28)

Every December, teenagers from all villages around Sibiu meet in Saliste. After the traditional costumes parade, each representative of the teenagers comes out on the stage and promises to preserve, for the future generations, all the traditions and customs inherited from their ancestors. This is a great event and a unique opportunity to admire the amazing traditional Romanian costume but also explore wonderful traditions.

Other important events…

  • The International Film Festival Transylvania (TIFF)
  • The International Folk Festival “Cantecele Muntilor”
  • The Medieval Festival
  • The Potters’ Fair
  • The Christmas Market
  • The Easter Market

Traditional festivals

In summer, in the mountain area around Sibiu, called  Mărginimea Sibiului, different events dedicated to our traditional music and costume are organized. Among them:

  • Bujorul de Munte (Gura Rîului)
  • Sus pe muntele din Jina (Jina)
  • Sărbătoarea oierilor (Tilişca)
  • Sărbătoarea portului popular (Gura Rîului)
  • Festivalul Brânzei şi al Tuicii (Răşinari)