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We offer you different possibilities to spend your leisure in Sibiu and around.

Guided visits


Together with our partners visitsibiu.com and transylvania-guide.com we invite you discover the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Sibiu and its surroundings. We suggest you a special tour in Sibiu that we have called  „Sibiu 825” –  because Sibiu celebrates, in 2016, 825 years of existence. The visit includes all the important sites in Sibiu, with their amazing stories and legends.

A visit in Sibiu is just the beginning of our great adventure! We also suggest you some day-trips in the old villages around Sibiu and in the area of the fortified churches and citadels up until the famous towns of Alba Iulia and Sighisoara.


Guided visit in Sibiu

The visit includes: Cetăţii street (with its former towers, walls and bastions), The Schiller Square, the Goldsmith Square, The Little Square (with its Council Tower, the famous Liars’ Bridge, the House of Arts, the Luxembourg House), The Huet Square (the Evangelical Church, the House of Journeymen), The Stairs Passage, the Altemberger House (The History Museum), the Orthodox Cathedral, The Large Square (with its main objectives: the Brukenthal Museum, the Town Hall, the Romano-Catholic Church, the Haller House, the Blue House), the Astra Park.
about 2 h

Day-trip: Sibiu – Cristian – Sibiel – Răşinari – Cisnădioara – Cisnădie – Sibiu

This tour is perfect for all those who do not have time enough to visit the whole county of Sibiu but are interested in culture, history and our daily life. In Cristian we’ll visit a beautiful fortified church (where, in the Bacon Tower, we’ll taste some delicious specialties) and we’ll learn more about the “town of storks”. In Sibiel we’ll visit the Icon Glass Museum and we’ll learn more about this craft. At Cisnădioara we’ll climb on the Michelsberg hill to visit the old fortress and have a great view of the surroundings. In Cisnădie we’ll visit an Evangelical Church and the first tower with a lightning rod in Transylvania.

Day-trip: Sibiu – Câlnic – Alba Iulia

At Câlnic we’ll discover a beautiful fortified churche (UNESCO heritage) and, at Alba Iulia, we’ll make a sort of a trip in the past: Alba Iulia used to be a former Dacian-roman fortress, a Saxon colony, an Austro-Hungarian citadel and a town – symbol of the great unification in 1918.

At your request, we can also organize visits in the area of the fortified churches and citadels, in Sighişoara and an unforgettable drive on the famous Transfăgărăşan road.

The price will be calculated according to the number of  participants and the services included.

Walking tours


Our equestrian center is located right at the bottom of the mountains – an ideal place to organize different walking and hiking tours around.

We suggest you different types of tours in the area during which we shall explore some of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in Transylvania. We’ll meet wonderful inhabitants with amazing life stories and we’ll discover some of the traditions and customs here.

And, because a trip in the mountains will definitely make you hungry, we suggest you a visit to a sheepfold. Here, we’ll taste some delicious dishes (based on diaries and meet) joined, of course, as local tradition requires, by our tasty plum brandy and wine.


Domeniul Salgo – the Hill Cetatea Scurtă – the former Salgo fortress – Fântânele

This is a relaxing tour that starts and ends at our B&B. The landscape is amazing with a wonderful view over the villages around, at the bottom of the mountains – don’t forget your cameras!

Walking tour in the village Răşinari – Trăinei – Fântânele – Sibiel

The tour in Trainei will be a great life-time experience during which you will discover picturesque places and meet modest but wonderful people eager to share their stories with you. In Fântânele we’ll have a short walk through the narrow cobbled streets of the best preserved traditional Romanian village in Sibiu; in Sibiel we’ll visit the famous Icon Glass Museum.

Hiking tour and visit at a sheepfold

Difficulty level: the tours can be tailored according to your request

This offer includes a hiking tour and a visit at a traditional sheepfold in the mountains. This is where we’ll learn more about life in the mountains and we’ll taste some delicious local food. We also invite you to a carriage ride in Sibiel. The experience will be unique!

Hiking tour in the mountain resort, Paltinis

Păltiniş – Poiana Găujoara – Saua Bătrâna – Poiana Muncel – Păltiniş
*According to your request, we can organize different mountain tours in the area of Cindrel Mountains, with different levels of difficulty.

Price: it shall be calculated according to the number of participants and services included: guide, transport, admission fees, meals.

Bike tours


What can be more relaxing and healthy than a bike tour in the areas around our equestrian center?  There are lots of tour tracks with different degrees of difficulty, for beginners but also professionals eager to try some new adventures.

If you didn’t bring your bike there’s no problem…We offer you our bikes that can be rent per hour or per day. We can also suggest you different tours and offer some maps of the area.


Domeniul Salgo – Cetatea Scurtă – Orlat – Fântânele – Sibiel – Vale – Sălişte – back

During the tour you can visit some important sites like the Icon Glass Museum in Sibiel; you will also discover beautiful old villages, enjoy the nature and have fun during a relaxing ride. The tour is flexible and can be tailored according to your wish.

Technical data
about 30 km
Level difference:
about 150 m

Domeniul Salgo – Dealul Cetatea Scurt­ă – Orlat – Gura Râului – Răşinari – back

This is a longer tour that also includes some visits in these villages. You’ll explore the natural areas at the bottom of the Cindrel Mountains and visit some of the most beautiful villages around.

Technical data
about 50 km
Level difference:
about150 m

Price: it is calculated according to the number of participants and services included.



The picturesque villages, the beautiful forests, the lakes and the high mountain tops…all of them form a new spectacular picture seen from a saddle. We suggest you different riding tours starting our equestrian center. If you have never ridden before but wish to learn this great sport we can offer you riding lesson within our riding school. 

These tours have different levels of difficulty; the horses will be selected according to your experience and the type of tour. We offer you professional equipment and during the tour you will be joined by an experienced guide. All you have to do is take the necessary time…we’ll deal the rest!


According to your experience (beginners or advanced) we suggest you different riding tours around our center, in the area of Mărginimea Sibiului, at the bottom of the Cindrel Mountains. They can vary from  1h – 1h 30 minutes.
If you want to book a tour, please contact us with, at least, 3 days in advance.



Our equestrian center is located close to some lakes, ideal for angling. Thus, if you enjoy this sport and dream for a relaxing day on the bank of the lake then don’t forget your angling rods and come have fun!

For more details regarding the terms and conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!