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The Equestrian Center Domeniul Salgo

Our horses

“People on horses look better than they are.” (Winston Churchill)

As soon as you get to us, a new story begins. It’s the story of a beautiful adventure that will finally end with a great friendship! We are happy to introduce you to our horses and invite you to come and meet them…They are always eager to make new friends!

ROBIN – Gelderlander (Gelder)

Robin is our giant, but such a gentle giant…
The story of his breed starts somewhere in Holland, in the region Gelderland. It is the result of different breed junctions like  Frisian, and some different others – Hackney, Oldenburg and Anglo-Norman.
Robin’s aspect is typical for his genetic line – he’s a warm-blood breed horse, extremely tall and strong. Usually, Gelderland horses are brown or grey but our Robin is a beautiful exception: he’s black with a big white spot on his forehead and white socks.

Being an extraordinary breed junction, the Gelderland horses amaze us with their skills and character. Robin is calm, a great team player and, curious, sometimes. If his rider doesn’t have to much experience there is no problem as Robin is very patient.

DOTTY & TUCKER – Gypsy Vanner

Dotty and Tucker are our mustached horses. Their aspect is spectacular – they are strong, solid with a voluptuous aspect.
You will easily recognize Dotty and Tucker… Their mane, tail and legs end with a long and silky hair. But, we should not neglect their mustache. This is the only breed in the world that has a mustache!

Dotty and Tucker are Gypsy Vanners, original from England. Their breed evolved in time, as a result of different junctions (Shire, Clydesdalesi Dale and Frisian) made by the nomad gypsies who wanted a strong horse, but gentle with children.

Dotty and Tucker are calm and clever, patient and very resistant, eager to go on long tours together with their riders…They love children and soon they will become very good friends.


The Frisian horse breed is one of the oldest in Europe. It is said that, during the Middle Age, the ancestors of the Frisian today were war horses. They were used in battles due to their size and strength.

This breed has its origins in the Firesland region, north Holland. It is said that, at the beginning of the First World War there were only three stallions left from this breed… Fortunately, the breed was saved…

Nero, Tina and Jannah have a long mane and tail, rich and curly. They are strong horses, they are active and quite dynamic but really gentle.

INNA – Lipizzan Maestoso

The story of the Lipizzan breed goes back in 1562 when the Emperor Maximilian II brought Spanish horses in Austria and he put the basis of a stud farm in Kladrub. His brother, put the basis of another stud farm in 1580 in Lipizza – place that, later gave the name of this breed – in Slovenia. The main goal was to create a royal horse: strong, impressive, showing richness and splendor.

Inna is a young  dark grey Lipizzan Maestoso. The Lipizzan horses are known for their sturdiness. The influence of the Arabian blood is noticed in the form of their head and the ears. The history of this breed in our region goes back in 1874 when Johannes Brukenthal created a big stud farm at Sâmbăta de Jos, the horses being brought from Slovenia.

DORA – Semigreu Românesc

This Romanian breed – Semigreu Românesc  – is relatively young, created in 1980s for farming and transportation. Dora is a balanced horse, strong with rich and curly mane and tail.

It is a solid horse, quite well balanced with a high mobility. Its aspect should not scary us…It is a friendly, calm, dynamic and … hard-working horse.