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Our story

“How could this world survive without any stories?” (Romanian proverb)

Legends are born from legends but, sometimes, they might be inspired from reality…

Science and history mention these places starting the Middle Ages but, where history stops, legends take its place… The old people in these villages say that, long time ago, hidden somewhere in the Cindrel Mountains, there were the fortresses in Orlat and Sibiel, great shelters for the local inhabitants, the Dacians. It is said that, even nowadays, these hills hide a great treasure (once protected by giants) but nobody dares to search for it, as it bears the eternal curse of the Dacians…

Time went by unhindered. Little do we know about the events in the following centuries. Nevertheless, the richness of these places attracted many enemies. In 1241 the Tartars and Mongols attacked and destroyed the fortress in Orlat. But, the inhabitants didn’t give up and, in the following years, they built a stronger medieval fortress to protect them in case of other attacks. They called it Salgo – meaning The Splendid, The Brilliant.  Merciless than any battle, time and weather affected the citadel and, nowadays, we can admire only a little part of the former walls.

In the same period, quite close to Salgo, the first Saxon colonists arrived and built a new village – Cristian. Despite the numerous conflicts, the Saxons and the Romanians – tradesmen, craftsmen or shepherds – managed to cope with the different threats and cohabited in these areas building strong and wealthy communities.

Located on the way that linked the fortress of Sibiu to the fortress of Alba Carolina, Orlat became a strategic place during the 18th century. The empress Maria Theresa put here the basis of a border regiment to defend, for more then a century, the borders of the Hapsburg Empire. It was a difficult moment in the history of the Romanians in these places, but also good, prosperous times for the fortress of Sibiu, built with so many sacrifices…

The First World War itself had important consequences here – in 1916,  on the hill close to Orlat took place important battles between the Romanian army and the German one. The former trenches can still be seen…These are just a few of the local stories, and if you are curious, we invite you to join us, explore and discover more about this great place!

The Equestrian Center Domeniul Salgo

“No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle.” (Winston Churchill)

Built on a hill, not far from the former Salgo fortress, the equestrian centre Domeniul Salgo was born from our passion and love for horses and equestrian tourism, but also from the desire to bring back to life the old stories of these places.

We dedicate ourselves to nature lovers, those tourists who enjoy spending as much time as possible open air but also to those people who love horse riding, hiking and biking.

We have organized for our guests 8 rooms that tell 8 different fascinating stories of these areas. As gastronomy is a symbol  of our region, we have prepared for you a special breakfast with traditional dishes, homemade, fresh and natural, ideal to start a new day, full with energy.

Apart from accommodation and food, we would like to offer our guests the possibility to visit and explore these beautiful areas around Sibiu. Animal breeding and crafts have always been the main occupation of the inhabitants in these areas. Therefore, we suggest you a visit to a sheepfold nearby where we can learn more about this craft and taste some delicious food delicacies cooked here.

For horse lovers, professionals or beginners, we have arranged our equestrian centre. Our horses – Nero, Robin, Dotty, Tucker, Inna, Dora, Jannah and Tina – are looking forward to meeting you and making new friends!